Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BAD News

WA Cachers Now a Legacy 
Registration for the Best of the Bad Mega Event began just after 5:30 pm on January 29, 2011. Less than a half an hour later grandpaloren & Tacoma Homer from Washington state were the first to register. As a planning committee we decided to honour this moment and as such we will be placing a cache in their name on the Legacy Trail.
We asked grandpaloren and Tacoma Homer to share a bit of their caching history with us.

Loren - grandpaloren

I first learned about geocaching from a colleague in Bend, Oregon in 2003.  After my first cache find I was hooked.  Work moved us to Edmonton where we met a lot of great people in the geocaching community.  We still maintain contact with some of them.  Our Alberta caching friends have been gracious to adopt many of our Alberta caches.

In 2008 work again moved us, this time to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  In the fall of 2009 I retired for health reasons and we moved to Soap Lake, Washington to be closer to family.

We have two kids and six grandkids, all of them involved with geocaching.  We raised them well.

We have been looking for an opportunity to go back to Alberta to visit our friends there.  We were excited when we first heard of the possibility of there being a Badlands mega event and, since we had been to the Badlands Cache Quest event in 2006, we signed up for The Best of the Bad Mega Event as soon as registration became available.

Mary - Tacoma Homer

When my husband first started geocaching in Bend, Oregon in 2003 I went with him sometimes but did not really become excited about it until a few years later when, as a Fathers Day gift, I signed up for my own geocaching account.  From then on I have become a great geocaching fan.  But what really got me interested and involved was all of the great people we met in the Edmonton geocaching community.  We have never been anywhere where the caching community was so warm and welcoming as they are in Edmonton.

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